Bullet Cameras vs Dome Cameras

Dome cameras and bullet cameras are among the most common types of cameras being used for both residential and commercial security today. These two are both manageable, easy to install and provide total control to their users when securing areas of all sizes. As its name suggests, a bullet camera protrudes outwards like the barrel of a gun while a dome camera has a rounded dome shape. However, their design is just one of the biggest differences between these two.

Bullet Cameras vs Dome Cameras

As far as functionality is concerned, these two types of cameras have extreme similarity although again, the minute differences can be of bigger significance if you consider the specific purpose you have in mind.

Bullet Cameras vs Dome Cameras

A Matter of Durability

A dome camera, specifically those called vandal proof, is the total winner by a landslide when it comes to durability. The vandal proof domes are encased in durable housings which have the ability to stand everything, from vandalism to shaking. These are especially apt when mounted on places which can be accessed easily, like low ceilings.

Installation Process

A bullet camera is relatively easier to install as this comes with a mounting handle that you only have to attach to a wall. When you are done mounting it, you can then move the camera to cover any specific area you would like to monitor. On the other hand, a dome camera is a bit more complicated to mount although it also doesn’t require too much effort.

One downside is if you will need to alter the field of view since you will need to dismount the camera first then mount it once again. This is a task best handled by an expert.

Camera Range

The range a surveillance camera will be able to cover will depend on essential features like the type of lens, type of sensor chip, lines of resolution, Wide Range Dynamic, Auto Gain Control and Back Light Compensation. Although it is difficult to generalize this, a dome camera has a smaller lens as compared to a bullet one with a shape which can accommodate bigger lenses. This is what makes them less ideal for long distance purposes.

However, you could still look for a dome camera with equal lens size or even bigger than the ones in bullet cams. In this case, choosing the suitable camera is basically a matter of personal preference.

Hidden or Exposed?

A bullet camera which is more obvious and visible to people will be more appropriate if you like to discourage theft or vandalism. A dome camera is a bit more difficult to spot and this is what makes it a better option if you prefer something more covert for security purposes.

Dome shaped cameras don’t stick out like the bullet ones and their dome housing can hide what you are capturing as it is difficult to tell exactly where the lens is pointing. Another remarkable clear cut benefit of dome over a bullet camera is that a dome style has the ability to rotate 360 degrees to cover a bigger circumference.

The Location

A dome and bullet security camera can both be used for indoor purposes although there are dome ones happen to be more suitable and common due to their low intrusiveness. If you are after something more sleek and elegant, something which can match your home or building decor without a lot of adjustments, a dome camera is going to be a wiser choice.

Meanwhile, a bullet camera is often weatherproof and has a longer range. This is what makes it more suitable for monitoring bigger areas like parking lots and extensive backyards. Just take note that for you to know the environmental protection, you have to check the camera’s IP ratings.

Level of Light

Both dome and bullet security cameras come with infrared LEDs to guarantee that light availability is not much of a factor. Through this infrared LED, it is guaranteed that there is proper lighting for the camera to function. During daytime or if there is enough lighting, common lenses are being used but the moment the camera senses a poor light in the viewing field, it makes use of the infrared LEDs to produce its own light.


As mentioned earlier, dome cameras will blend better with your existing decor. It is because their dome shape can make them more elegant and less intrusive compared to bullets. Also, the shape can make them look cleaner and more seamless, specifically because of their ability to hide the wiring, not like the bullet ones with wires slightly exposed at their rear part. Once again, it is difficult to generalize here as there are some domes with exposed wires while other bullets don’t have.


Finally, when it comes to the price, domes and bullets are pretty much the same. With this said, a bullet camera can be a bit more cost efficient as it comes with just the camera itself together with the mount. Meanwhile, the dome comes with the housing together with some extra parts. It is simply a generality since there are some pricier domes and there are also bullets which come with a higher price tag.

The Bottom Line

There has been a big misunderstanding when it comes to the differences between a dome security camera and a bullet security camera. There are numerous notions about surveillance cameras which could affect your choice. However, only a careful scrutiny of the features mentioned above combined with adequate knowledge of the purpose or function that the camera will serve, can help you come up with the right choice and purchase a product which will give you good value for your money.

Each of these cameras has its own set of benefits and drawbacks so make sure you weigh your options well to avoid making any mistakes along the way. At the end of the day, sufficient research will help ensure that you can get a good return out of your investment without wasting any single dollar from your pocket.

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