Buying Guide: Things Consider When Purchasing Battery Powered Security Cameras

If you do not have wires for security cameras including power wires and internet wires, you may run wires for your security cameras. However, this is really time-consuming and you can just get battery powered security cameras instead.

Battery powered security cameras provide you freedom to install security cameras everywhere. Nevertheless, selecting the best battery powered security camera from numerous security cameras will surely make you overwhelmed. So, why pick battery powered security cameras? What type of battery operated security cameras you should take for consideration? Or what elements should you consider when buying a battery powered security camera?

Things Consider When Purchasing Battery Powered Security Cameras

Whether it your first time to buy battery powered security cameras or you want to upgrade your security camera, there are several things that you need to take for consideration. Some of these factors are:

  • Long battery life
  • High definition
  • Waterproof
  • Smartphone or web app
  • Night vision

Long Battery Life

The battery life of a wireless security camera is one of the major concerns of many people. You won’t like replacing batteries often. For your convenience, you must find battery powered security cameras that are known for their long battery life. There are numerous brands today that have power-saving technology and can provide you longer days of standby time. With this, you do not have to replace or change the battery more often than you do on some low quality battery powered camera systems.

HD Video Quality

Battery powered HD security cameras can let you see crystal clear images as well as live streaming. There are three famous HD security cameras in the market and these include 1440p, 1080p, and 720p. The battery powered security camera systems with 1080 full HD is the most famous kind in the market at present, which will allow you to see your pets or family clearly. If the battery powered security camera offers blurry images, the camera is useless. To get clear images and live streaming, you should purchase security cameras that are designed with 1080p full HD.

Waterproof Function

Waterproof feature for outdoor wireless battery powered security camera systems is necessary if you need to install these outdoors. Outdoor waterproof wireless security cameras that are battery powered may resist harsh weather, enabling you to see what is happening outside your property. Through putting this outdoor battery powered security cameras on your window, porch or anywhere outside your home, you will see the individuals hanging out around your residential property.

For instance, you can check if your package was delivered to your home. You may also check whether there are numerous people damaging your property. If you look for battery powered home security cameras, choosing an IP 65 waterproof security camera is never a bad option.

Smartphone or Web App

Wireless IP security cameras with smartphone or web app can provide you lots of convenience. You may see everything happening in your house just through taking a look at the smartphone. When you’re at work and you like to see the situation of your baby at home, you do not have to travel or drive back from your work to your home. All you need is just to use the app that you can access using mobile devices. With this, you will be able to see your baby instantly, anytime, and anywhere you are.

If you like to check your pets, you may always view your pet’s condition through your smartphone anytime you want. With battery powered wireless security cameras that are equipped with apps, you can take away all your worries about everything when heading to work or when going inside your home.

Night Vision Feature

Battery powered night vision security cameras can work wonders for each of your surveillance needs at night. The largest benefit of using battery powered night vision security cameras is providing maximum security in a low light condition. Even if majority of crimes happen during daytime, your home security at night can’t be overlooked.

One of the advantages of battery powered security cameras with night vision capability is that you may check whether your baby has sweet dreams even in darkness. In several cases, burglars or criminals would turn off the lights to intrude your house. With night vision feature of battery operated security cameras, you can easily view or capture the images of the invaders perfectly without any lights around. With clear images, the police will be able to catch the bad guys easily.

Other Elements You Must Consider When Purchasing Battery Powered Security Camera Kits/Systems

Aside from the above mentioned factors, there are other elements you must bear in mind and these are:

  • Indoor or outdoor battery operated security cameras must have SD card or memory card. These can record motion detection videos whenever there are motion events that you can see what is happening easily.
  • Battery operated security cameras with audio capability. 2-way audio function in battery operated security cameras enable you to communicate to your family anytime you want. Besides, if the criminals invade your home, you may shout at them or scare them.
  • Motion detectors are also an important factor to consider. Battery operated motion sensor activated security cameras can detect any human movement through PIR sensors. With such sensors, you won’t be troubled by false alarms.
  • Battery operated wireless security cameras with NVR or DVR. You may record videos round the clock on NVR or DVR. Therefore, you will not miss anything happening in as well as around your property. It’s a powerful function for battery powered surveillance cameras.
  • Battery powered wireless security cameras with monitor. You may eye-pleasing interface on the monitor if you view live streaming.

Best Battery Powered Security

Reolink KeenWhat makes Reolink Keen a must have is that it’s a battery powered security camera that’s hundred percent wire-free. Since there’s no wiring hassle and cords to deal with, you can place it anywhere you want. You don’t have to find a power connected to an outlet for power supply, making it flexible, unrestraint, and portable.

Because of Reolink Keen’s advanced power saving technology, it offers up to 6 months standby time. There is also no need for frequent change of battery, which is very convenient and can help you enjoy savings.

Reolink Keen also features a smart wireless PIR motion sensor that detects any movement with twenty-six feet detecting range. Its external PIR sensor is very sensitive to objects or humans radiating infrared energy rather than moving trees or leaves. Reolink Keen’s camera is motion activated and has battery alerts.

Blink Home Security Camera SystemIf you are looking for an extremely affordable wireless battery powered security camera system, there is no need to look any further with Blink. It’s easy to install and can be used in any indoor environment. When compared to others, it’s an exceptional battery powered security camera system that is easy to set up and ideal for homeowners or renters. Its completely wireless and stylish design houses an innovative HD video technology, temperature sensor, and motion sensor to deliver instant home insight through Blink app for your Android or iOS device.

Blink is carefully crafted for users to experience peace of mind easily. As soon as there’s motion detected, the video will start to record and there will be an alert to your tablet or smartphone, so you can see what caused the alert exactly and decide how to respond.

Logitech Circle WirelessIf you are the type of person who is always on go and miss special moments at home more often, you don’t have to experience it again with Logitech Circle Wireless Battery Powered Security Camera. It enables you to protect your home with live 1080p video streaming at your place 24/7 and get smart alerts instantly on your phone once the Circle detects motion.

This battery powered security camera of Logitech can be used in different cases. These include protecting home while watching over children arriving home from school, listen and talk to pets home alone, and check on your home while on vacation or at your office. All of these are made possible with Logitech web or smartphone app.


Purchasing battery powered security cameras is the same as buying any kinds of security cameras. You have to shop around and make comparison first before you buy the one that will match on your unique security needs for you to get the best value of what you have spent. You should also keep those mentioned factors in mind. Regardless of what you want to purchase, whether it is dome, bullet, big or small, with Bluetooth technology or wireless capability, you will always find the best one for your home.

If you’re still confused with the options and having troubles choosing the right one, you can ask for assistance from your friends or family members who have already purchased this kind of security cameras before.

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